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See Kai Run continues to bring the best quality children's shoes including boots, sandals, dress shoes, and tennis shoes. This season, they really outdid themselves with color and quality and this review is for the Italya slip-on shoes.

The Italya shoes are perfect for Spring and even Summer time for kids. They slip on easily but have a great bottom grip on the shoe for climbing. The pastel colors are very beautiful in pink, white, blue, brown, and even denim on the back heel which matches any outfit from blue jeans to a dress. 

I absolutely love the detailing of the shoe design don't you? This is a canvas shoe, so no worrying about tears or breaks or anything. This is a herringbone lug pattern so this is safe to climb on playgrounds or run around with, while being very flexible and light weight and that's a big plus when you have a pre-schooler-soon-to-be-Kindergartener who doesn't like to stay still. One of her biggest things to do is play with her bubble gun, so we put her shoes to the test!

"Bubbles bubbles everywhere, and not a drop to drink!" Yes, Willy Wonka was correct on this! As I blogged my way through life one day, my daughter was outside catching bubbles and the shoes were wonderful! She was able to run, jump skip, and they didn't slide off or do anything to her heels. Usually you'll get new slip on shoes like this and they will slide around on the heel causing blisters or callouses. This is one thing I love about See Kai Run they take this kind of shoe action into thought and make sure your child doesn't have to deal with this. Our daughter also loves how when we tell her to get shoes and socks on, if she wants to hurry she can quickly slide these on...hopefully on the right feet!

Here's a great example of how great the shoes stay on and can handle play:

Currently, these shoes are on See Kai Run's website going for $45.00 and they are definitely worth the money. These will last such a long time and will match so many amazing outfits. My daughter wears them with her dresses, her "Frozen" outfit, so many great pieces of clothing and we can trust that See Kai Run will be great for her growing and shaping feet. Hurry today and get this great seasonal shoe!

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