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A great addition to both The Princess Guide, and Our Christmas Guide "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions"!

Do you remember when FlipaZoo's originally appeared? They were the most adorable things you could ever get your hands on. Flipping from one pet to another, your children would spend countless hours laughing and giggling, watching as one animal turned into another. Well, FlipaZoo has stepped it up for this upcoming Holiday Season with FlipaZoo 2.0, Little Flip Zees, and FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles!

When our Flipp items arrived, my daughter was still at school so I made sure to set it up for her to surprise her. Oh, was she surprised! Of course, just like every Kindergartner in the world as soon as she saw the FlipaZoo blind bag, she wanted to snatch it and rip it open! I think first off, the fact that FlipaZoo has walked into the Blind Bag world is a very smart move. Since beginning to collect Shopkins, my daughter is obsessed with blind bags. Whether it be Shopkins, Minecraft, Squinkies, and others she just loves the surprise of what she'll find. But first, we played with the Little Flipzee!

This is her favorite one, and she says it's because not only is it easy for her to flip but it's small enough to fit in bed at night. Though, I will say, tonight she's sleeping with her big FlipaZoo along with her Little Flipzee so I don't think that's an issue. As you can see, her excitement is huge and she adores how easy it is to flip from the tiger to the turtle. I love how soft these are, they're really very well made. They have such a personality as you see from the video and pictures. The eyes are just the right shape and size to make these friendly and fun. Oh, and she loves how adorable the turtle is...and we've named her Little FlipZee "Title" (Get it? Tiger-Turtle? Title!)

This was the most adorable reveal my daughter has ever done, and I loved her reaction to her FlipaZoo. One thing she has mentioned to me, is she loves how the bunny has the cute front teeth, while the Pony is so soft and smooth. Tonight she is sleeping with her pony, and she plans tomorrow to sleep with her bunny. At night, she is allowed five "buddies" (stuffed animals) in bed but her Daddy pointed out to her that with her FlipaZoo that makes six! She really got a kick out of that, and I know other children will too.


Depending on what your child is a fan of, they can have a puppy that turns into a bunny rabbit, or a dolphin that turns into another animal! But enough of the big things, let's also look at the teeny things!

Each package of Mini Collectibles comes with seven FlipaZoos, which becomes 14! My daughter was so excited to see the gold hippo, which she thought was extremely rare. But there was also the glittered alligator, and then she thought that was the rare one. Every single FlipaZoo was different even if they were the same color!

Then there's also these individual blind bags, with one FlipaZoo mini in them (which makes two of course!). This had another gold one in it, yet it flipped into a different animal than the gold one she had in the bigger pack. I love this, it means no matter how many she collects, she will always find more and more different ones!

You can find FlipaZoo's at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and more just in time for the Holiday Season as well as upcoming birthdays, so make sure to look and get yours for your little ones! These make amazing stocking stuffers and will definitely be the "squeal" moment under the Christmas tree!

For more information on Flip Zee Girls (A product not showcased here):


To enter to win a FlipaZoo 2.0 from FlipaZoo, just go below and enter, that simple! The winners will be announced on 10/16/17 on The Review Ballerina on Facebook as well as the Giveaway Winner Page so make sure to have that page liked and keep an eye out! Winner will have until September 1st from announcement to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be picked! Good luck everyone!! 
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