Busy Mom's Bakery - Willy Wonka Sweets Review

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Within the local area of Texoma (Based out of Bedford) is a fantastic company named Busy Mom's Bakery. The Bakery's owner Sheree is an at-home baker that specializes in many sweet treats from cakes to cheesecakes, cupcakes and even chocolate dipped fruits. I reached out to Sheree to discuss a review and I feel she went above and beyond what I could've ever expected!

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My daughter was having a Willy Wonka themed birthday party (the classic version, not the Johnny Depp I want to give your child perma-nightmares version) so Sheree and I spoke on the phone about details. She had sent me some examples of some cakes she'd be doing, and she was extremely thorough. First asking me exactly what kind of cake we wanted to have (I had decided on chocolate for the larger layer, then strawberry for the smaller as some in my family do not like chocolate very much), as well as chocolate for the cupcakes. I'd like to point out that Sheree is very careful not to duplicate or copy another baker's cakes. Every cake she creates is unique and original and comes from her own mind. Unfortunately, my camera decided the photo of the cupcakes did not need to be saved, but that's alright I have plenty for the cake!

Can you believe how amazing this cake is? Two layers, with plenty of buttercream frosting underneath marshmallow fondant. I adored the fondant and normally I don't care for it. Reason being is normally the fondant comes out so dry, and there's not much flavor to it. But this was so good there actually is a fondant lollipop missing out of this picture because one little boy couldn't wait to eat! Everything on the cake was edible, and what I adored so much was that Sheree printed an original Wonka Bar wrapper and put it around a Hershey bar. You can see the chocolate river, I mean this really was an incredible cake.

Inside, the cake was extremely moist even though it had been baked the day before. Sheree is a baker that understands how her customers do not want dried out cake, nor do they want a rushed cake. She knows the precise time of baking along with decorating to bring you something fresh, and unique. The chocolate was incredible, not too sweet, very fluffy, and I adored the icing with it. I've had cakes in the past where you feel like your chocolate is artificial because it's too sweet, or even too bitter. You also notice there's way too much sugar in the frosting, not with Busy Mom's Bakery! I had so many Moms at the birthday party asking me who Sheree was, how to reach her and more!

This was a great video that showed not only the side but also the back. You can see just how much detail Sheree did this really was a great moment of "Pure Imagination". No stone was unturned with this cake, oh and did I mention that the next day when I had another slice of cake it was still moist? That's right! I'll be honest, we were so tired from the party we forgot to put the cake away but I really wanted more chocolate, so I sliced another piece and it was just as incredible the next day! Unlike store cakes, or bakers who just don't take pride in their work, Sheree's cakes are so perfect they taste amazing for days after.

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Busy Mom's Bakery also does cookies, cake pops, cheesecakes, chocolate dipped treats, and more. Recently, Busy Mom's Bakery did "Doozies":

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Don't those look amazing? Smalls were only $9 for a dozen, and larges were $15 a dozen! Those prices are so fantastic for the quality that you get, and even better, she ships! Yes that's right you can go right here to order items for shipping, and Sheree is happy to discuss customization! I will be getting to review some Christmas related tasty treats in the coming weeks, and you'll see Busy Mom's Bakery on our Holiday Guide. Make sure to order your items now to ensure you get them for your Christmas parties, birthday parties, and more!

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