"Get Up and Dance in the New Twinkle Play Tents" Review:

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Every child has that desire and love to own a tent of their own. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, they want to be able to climb into their own little fantasy world and read, dance, sing, or sleep. Twinkle Play Tents combines the ability to disappear into a fantasy world, with a dance space for children making it one of the most exciting and thrilling places for a child to go.

My daughter received the Princess Twinkle Tent, and as soon as we set it up she ran and grabbed her "Buddies". She made sure they could be in there to dance and have fun, and even spent some time telling each of them about their new hang out. Instantly, I adored this tent just for the reason that my daughter's imagination came out the moment she climbed in. The flaps of the tent velcro open instead of tie, and that makes it easier for the child to choose whether she wants to be in or out. We usually tie her other tent open, and tell her "They stay open!" unless Mommy or Daddy unties them. From the video you can see the lights flash to the music, and it seem to be the bass of the music. When there's no music, my husband talks and the bass of his voice makes the lights change. But my daughter and I's voices don't seem to work. The music in this video is "I'm Still Standing" performed by Taron Egerton, and as you can see the lights pick up his voice perfectly. 

The lights are very bright, in fact I would not suggest looking directly at them when turning them on and off. When putting the batteries in I have to say we made the mistake of looking at the light as they came on, and POW we had some sunspots in our eyes for a bit lol. But that's also an awesome thing at night when the kid wants to dance around you can turn the lights off, and really let them see the colors swirl. My daughter is not very tall, I want to say less than four feet right now and she could stand perfectly in the tent and dance, so I also love how high the tent really is and how it allows small children to really get to dance like at a dance club.

Above, my daughter was wanting to dance to one of her and her Daddy's favorite bands Ghost. I loved this, because most of the time children love to dance to the Trolls Soundtrack, or Frozen, and there's only so many times a parent can hear "Let It Go" or songs about letting their hair down. Again, you can see my daughter is fully upright as she's moving, there's no restraint at all. This tent is also big enough I was able to get in and sit with her, while she danced around, so multiple kids could be in here dancing. This tent is made from a sturdy material, though we do think there should've been a thicker wire along the bottom. Reason being is our daughter knocked the tent over one night, and after that it continued to just lean a bit. We didn't realize it, but the tent's circle on the bottom had become an oval and it was easily fixed but just a slightly thicker wire would've kept that from happening. Not a huge deal, just have to tell the six year old to not act like she's in a mosh pit!

Another thing that is super awesome, is the tent folds back down, each piece can be disassembled and you can easily put it in a carrying case that is included. Even the light! Most tents once they're assembled, that's it, they're done and you can't take them apart without breaking them. Nope, not this tent! We took it down to move it and it easily just stored away! I love that, I really do it makes things a lot easier if you are in a small area.

You can get your daughter or son the Princess Palace or the Dragon Lair for $39.99 currently at Walmart, but keep your eyes peeled as they may show up in other places! Hurry to find yours today!

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