Mickey Roadster Racer RC Car Review:

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Mickey and his friends always have fun whether it be saving the day, or having a race! The best part about watching Mickey and his racers is seeing his transformation begin and end, so today we get to review the Mickey Mouse Road Racer RC!

Mickey's Roadster Race is a transforming RC car that starts out looking like a very cute sport car. The vehicle has lights, sounds, drives in all directions, has a cute steering wheel style controller, and says different phrases including a horn that my daughter loves to hit then go "Beep beep! Get out of the way!" She was so excited when she saw the car she could hardly believe she got to drive something so amazing.

Can you believe how awesome that is? He goes from a cute sports car to revving speed racer in just a couple of seconds! I love how smooth the transformation is, it doesn't take a long time and isn't something that takes a lot of clunky movement. That tends to make the car very heavy and weighs it down when trying to move it on the ground. We did figure out this car does not handle carpet or rugs well at all so the best place to use this is on a hard floor or outside on the ground. Mickey can get some speed when he needs to go!

Vroom Vroom! Mickey has so much fun driving around outside, he has to beat everyone else and get the win! My daughter adores him and her favorite thing to do...well...

Haha, absolutely adorable isn't it? You can find Mickey currently at Walmart for $21.69 by clicking here. You can also find him at Target and other places and this would make a GREAT Easter Basket addition so make sure to get yours today!

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