Playbrites Magical Fun Faces Unicorn Review!

Every child loves having bright fun lights to play with, and also loves Mr. Potato Head. Do you remember him? What about Mrs. Potato Head? Those awesome eyes and ears and the arms, along with the accessories for each one that you'd take apart, put back together...and then realize there's only so many things you can do with them and get bored? Yeah, nothing like that will happen with a Playbrites Magical Fun Faces!

My daughter first fell in love with the light itself and how bright it was. As you can tell, she really loves how the shapes change with each time the lights change (which looks amazing on all the walls of her bedroom at night) and yes, she truly loves pink! What she didn't realize at the end was the very last setting that her hand accidentally hit twice allows the colors to rotate for her without having to do it herself! So that was a great new feature to find while she was building later on.

As you can see, the pieces to put together your Playbrites character are large, so we don't have to worry about a younger child not having the motor skills to pick up a smaller piece. Also you don't have to worry about younger children thinking they are snacks and putting them in their mouths...all the way. Let's be honest these would be in a kid's mouth but not completely to the point they could swallow. The pieces are colorful, bright, and can be put in many different places so the child can follow the direction of putting their character together right, or can be zany and just put them together weird!

Another cool thing about this, is if you get multiple Playbrites you can mix and match the faces to make really kooky ones! For example, you can have a Unicorn horn, with a Shark smile, and Puppy ears! How cute would that be to be just so silly you could mix and match? I think it's awesome, and not only can you carry your Playbrite with you with a handle, but you can store all the pieces inside the light! Yep so you'll never lose your pieces at any time! Which yes, Mr. Potato Head you could do that too but those little tiny pieces tended to fall out and get lost. How did he still have all his pieces by the end of Toy Story 3 I'll never know.

My daughter is a bit of a perfectionist and doesn't really like to step out of the box, so as you can see she was very particular in which pieces went where. But the fun of this is to do it in the dark, so that the lights are blinking and having fun! She has put this Unicorn together and taken it apart so many times and I can hear her giggling and laughing on the other side of the house in her room when she does it. She is so happy with her Playbrites Magical Fun Unicorn! This is something children of many ages will enjoy! She is six and I think she'll be playing with this for many years to come.

Awe, see? She just adores her Unicorn! You can get your children a Playbrite Magical Fun Face currently at Walmart and it seems they are for in-store purchasing only, but keep your eyes peeled as they may show up in other places! Hurry to find yours today!

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