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Our family has been very lucky in being able to enjoy Medieval Times in Dallas quite a bit. We have loved every moment and so this time, we decided to treat a few friends who had never been. The best part was allowing them to see the new show which we had only seen once before and unfortunately I was distracted that night so I didn't get to truly experience it. So this time, we got to enjoy together!

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As you can see, the baby ballerina chose to wear her princess dress and it was absolutely precious. I myself did not look great so don't look at me, haha. But we had so much fun with our friends who got to enjoy eating without utensils, yelling for our knight to win, and more! We had four friends with us who had never gone, and on one side I had someone who would scream for our knight to kick butt, and the other was screaming to "GET HIM!" I love how it was clear it doesn't matter your age, you'll get into this show.

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Seeing the incredible trainer perform with the horse was such a fantastic addition to the show. One of the beautiful and majestic parts of Medieval Times is getting to see the horses in their glory as they perform. This guy in particular was so happy to perform and dance around he was such a free spirit out in the arena.

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The show is now centered a lot more around the horses but the performance itself is longer and gives you more to see. You get to see horses from different "areas" perform, and then you also get to see a special treat like this horse really show off his feats. I love how you don't feel rushed in the show nor do you feel you're not getting as much in entertainment they really do fill it up for you. The horses all seem so well cared for and happy and that's a great thing.

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Shhh, the guy you see here on the left is normally our favorite knight. He was the Black & White Knight when baby ballerina won Queen of the Tournament at one point so we hope to see him once more in the show! But as you can see once again there was a lot of the horse performances which made my friend Tish VERY happy. I mean very happy, like if she could own every horse in the world I know she would! The gentleman behind our favorite knight is the main horse trainer and he adores his job and you can see that!

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The show now has more talking from the knights, and our knight won tonight! He was fantastic and was really into it which I thought was great. The sword fighting scenes some were slow and methodical but at one point two knights were VERY fast and experienced. I looked at my husband with my jaw dropped when we saw how fast they were swinging and how they really knew what they were doing. I then realized just how these men take this seriously, and they train very hard to make sure the show is not only great but they learn from it too.

Above is a small part of the new scenes from the show, I don't believe before a knight spoke at all let alone argued with the King. So for this Knight to believe he could be so vocal against the dare he!

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With the Queen now leading the Kingdoms (Long May She Reign!) the knights proudly display their colors for their chosen audiences. If you are looking for something amazing come to Medieval Times in Dallas to see the Queen lead her men to victory in battle, and to see incredible food and fun! Also the Herald I believe has been the same one forever and he is so amazingly good at what he does you really need to see him!

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