Mysticons: Treasure Box & Em Action Figure Review!

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Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. From pups (Paw Patrol), to race cars (Blaze and the Monster Machines). Little Girls can find it difficult to find a show that focuses on their own powers and the ability to save the world without help and Mysticons does precisely that!
Mysticons are incredible superheroes named Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper and they are on a quest to save their magical realm from evil forces! With their special weapons and abilities they fight crime and ensure safety within their realm in very nice outfits I might add. My daughter got Em, and she was so excited when everything arrived!

Em looks amazing, doesn't she? The quality of the doll is incredible my daughter has gotten so deep into playing she's actually thrown Em trying to help her fly. Of course at that point I have to remind her plastic doesn't last forever but these seem to do exactly that!

Here, my daughter was helping Em to save some "gems that were lost in a cave" (which really was under the sofa). I loved how you could tell she was really thinking in her mind the scenario and she was giving Em the cutest voice who was saving the gems for her friends. What I love about this show is it's not just the typical "super hero" show, where you have villains and every show is "we must beat the bad guy!" no there's other things or quests that must be completed too and my daughter adores that. She's such a logical child she tends to try to add challenges to all her dolls.

Em is ready for battle with her sword and shield, to fight crime and save the realms with her special abilities and friendships! Or as my daughter likes to say, "Em saves the gems so they can all stay pretty!" Well, alright then! 

Within the special box my daughter also received were masks, cards that described each character, a poster, and a coloring bag. I love the cards they show details that help fans understand their heroes just like you would see for comic books and more. The quality of everything was so great, normally if you get masks for kids like this the elastic pops when trying to put it on, or the mask itself tears. Nope not these they looked great! Unfortunately when trying to get my daughter to stand still she told me super heroes don't take pictures, they "fight crime" and with that she was gone. But you can see the quality of everything here.

This is the top of the box! I couldn't believe it when I saw it, look at the quality of this! It almost looks like the cover of a book doesn't it? Wouldn't you want to just put this on your book shelf leaning like a tome of some kind? You know now that I think about it I may do that in my daughter's room with this, I think it'd be a great thing to just have as a superb addition of decor to go with all her playing. 

Are you curious about Mysticons? Check out this preview!

Make sure to check out Mysticons on Nickelodeon, and if you're interested in your own action figure from the show you can find them at for $9.99-$14.99! But hurry, some are already out of stock the show is so popular and gaining even more fans so make sure to get yours for your child's birthday, Christmas, and more!

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