Precious Moments "Every Day Is a Gift" Pitcher Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful pitcher to review for my honest opinion.

This could be an amazing Summer time decor addition for your home!

Precious Moments is known mostly for figurines and incredible ornaments. But this time, for Spring and Summer I was sent an amazing and charismatic piece of decor that I cannot wait to show you all. Get ready to check out a piece of Precious Moment's "Farmhouse Decor", the decorative "Every Day is a Gift" pitcher!

Isn't it sweet? This is made of wood and metal you can tell by how light weight it is. But it looks like it would be much heavier which tells you the quality is very good. It is 9 inches high, and the spout is open so look to the end for a great decorating idea that I actually hope to use soon. I love the distressed wood look the pitcher has, which tells you you can use this indoor or outdoor for decor or even for a photo shoot.

After my husband painted our entry way, I tried to put together a really cute set up and so far this is what we have. I think we need to re-paint the bench to a brighter color, but I love how the pitcher sits with the sign which already is a rustic feel. The outdoor pillows splash color bringing out the white of the pitcher even more which tells you that this can sit with anything whether dark or light to really bring out a rustic charm. You don't have to be concerned about metal rusting or the wood of the pitcher molding, splitting, or swelling it's created in such a way that just stands out fantastic with a great accomplishment.

On the bottom, you get a special sticker that...well yes it reminds you this is not a toy and you should keep it away from your children because...well you don't want them to fill this with water and try to have a tea party. But also because this is not meant to be used in a party as a pitcher for lemonade or something. You can see the special number letting you know what number you got in the collection and I love that. I love how every Precious Moments item is numbered to let you know you're getting something special and unique. Now, about that special kind of decorating you can do with this which I am totally going to try to do:

Special Credit to Smart School House for the image and creative idea!

Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights

Isn't this just amazing? I was thinking of streaming lights through the top of the Precious Moments pitcher, and then hang it up on the wall above the sign so that when on, it looks like we have cute fairy lights sprinkling down beauty and love on my husband and I's wedding date. I love it! I'm a huge believer and lover of fairies, and fairy lights tend to twinkle and sparkle with a staccato flash making you believe a fairy is right there with you. Adding that to the rustic charm of this pitcher from Precious Moments and you've got an incredible piece!

You can get your own pitcher for SRP: $20.99 and they are currently find at! There are also other pieces to the "Farmhouse Decor" collection so make sure to check it all out and get the entire set!

Oh! One more little thing:

Precious Moments is celebrating their big 40th Anniversary this year! Can you believe it? We've been able to love and enjoy Precious moments for fourty years!  I would love for you all to get an opportunity to read up about Precious Moments or you can also click below and watch the video!

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