Townley Girl's Incredibles 2 Products Review & Giveaway!

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Growing up, I LOVED The Incredibles. The first movie was fantastic, and I loved how it was a family of superheros and not just the Mom or the Dad leading the way. Dash was always my favorite, though Violet was a close second. When the second film was announced I got so giddy, and then at the age of 33 the second Incredibles film came out and though I haven't seen it yet I've heard it's great film with a lot of moments that bring adults back to their childhoods. Townley Girl has once again given amazing products for your children to join you on the fun journey and now we get to show you!

These two products above are great for you to give to your girls, you can find the lip gloss set that comes in an awesome tin case, or you can get them an amazing mirror with stickers and a lip gloss set as well! You can quickly get rid of dry lips like Dash, or block those nasty chapped lips like Violet! I loved these but my daughter was super excited when she saw this:

Have you purchased or seen those Eros lip balms? These reminded my daughter of those so much she couldn't wait to get the package open! These come in a package of 8 and come in different colors and flavors, so depending on your child's mood could be the one put in the backpack or purse.

The colors are bright, vibrant, the plastic casings are not cheap made and as you can see by my daughter's hands and face they are not very small. They look great and fun, the hardest part about these is picking the one you want to use! Though my daughter chose Violet as lately her favorite color has been pink. 

Here's a difference between the adult lip balms you see and these, they aren't like a round or spherical piece you can rub on your lips. These do have your daughter using her finger to get some and then rubbing it on her lips. But that's fun in my opinion, because you get to feel like you're putting on this really cute makeup (which at the age of six my daughter is not wearing yet) and making yourself look adorable.

Hah, she went so fast it looks like she was applying to her dimple! At this point, she'd already put on some of the lip balm and all of it goes on clear which is fantastic. There's a very light and subtle flavor to each one, which you can smell and taste for a little while. The balms are not greasy, they rub off easily if you wanted them but I did notice they don't lick off easily. Which is great because any kind who tastes these yummy delights will start pulling the "lick lick lick" motion and you can't tell them to stop they taste so good!

You can find these products in your local stores or you can go here to find the products directly at the Townley Girl website. The prices are very low starting around $5.99 so make sure to order yours today!

To enter to win one of two TownleyGirl Incredibles 2 “Sur-prize” packs, just go below and enter, that simple! The winner will be announced on July 22 on The Review Ballerina on Facebook  as well as the Giveaway Winner Page so make sure to have that page liked and keep an eye out! Winner will have until 7/25/16 from announcement to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be picked! Good luck everyone!! 

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