Whataburger: A Long-Standing Texas Experience:

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When someone crosses into Texas who have never been here, the first thing a Texan tells them to do besides get a glass of "real sweet tea" is: "Go to Whataburger"! Since 1950 Whataburger has given some of the best quality meals all fresh, and always the same fantastic flavor. While other chains have tried to take over the Lone Star State bringing their uniqueness, Whataburger continues to stand the test of time and today, I wanted to bring to you a bit of that yumminess!

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Our local Whataburger in Sherman, Texas is a very nice location, and it's just off of the busiest highway in the Lone Star State. I almost feel like it's the last opportunity for anyone to have a great burger before crossing into Oklahoma, and you can't miss it! The orange and white is bright and stands out perfectly. We went yesterday and unfortunately, happened to get into the drive-thru during a very busy moment. It took us over 15 minutes to get out of the drive-thru but my husband who has formally worked for Whataburger pointed out to me something very important: All food at Whataburger is cooked fresh to order! Unlike other chains that pre-cook their burgers, have them wrapped and sitting under a heat lamp waiting to be plucked and placed into a bag Whataburger cooks what you want, when you order. Also, I have some sort of allergy to fresh, cut onions so when I order any burger I have to ask them to grill the onions. I love that they do it and that tells me how fresh my burger is. They will always customize your burger exactly as you want, and that's something you can't turn the nose up at! So though it was a hot wait, it was definitely worth the wait. 

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First let me step up and say that I love the size of Whataburgers' cups. This is a medium, which is the same pretty much as a McDonald's large. When you fill this with something like Sweet Tea or Lemonade it's a fantastic size for all day especially in the Summer heat. Yesterday we got Coke for my husband and Dr. Pepper for myself. My husband was happy to taste that the Coke was perfectly mixed. Most restaurants you end up with more water and less syrup, or vice-versa. This was perfect, in fact it tasted better than the Dr. Pepper! We then ordered a #2 for myself which is their Double Meat Whataburger (I added cheese and made sure the onions were grilled), and my husband decided to try the Avocado Bacon Burger which comes on Texas Toast. He had the tomatoes taken off, and because he was super hungry he turned it into a double, so an extra patty and cheese to go on it. 

This is the medium meal for the Avocado Bacon Burger. You can see they have the Texas Toast perfectly toasted and I love how you can actually see bacon out the sides of the burger. Most places they break them apart or use small pieces, so you're lucky to taste bacon in the center. But this was filled for him.

Obviously with an extra patty and cheese, it was going to be a bit messy. But my husband LOVED his burger. He says that the creamy pepper sauce gave fantastic flavor without being over powering, and the onions, fresh cut avocado, and even the sauce turns the flavor on the burger into an awesome guacamole. Even without the tomato he got so full and every bite I could hear an "Mmm" coming out of him. Avocado isn't normally found on a "Texas burger" usually it's on salads, subs, things of a "Healthier nature". Well you know what, Whataburger turned avocado into a burger thing!

I wanted to show the interior of the #2 burger because I wanted people to see that the lettuce was fresh, the tomatoes were fresh, and what I love about Whataburger is their use of mustard without it being overpowering. Some places when they use mustard they use so much you can't smell or taste anything but mustard seed. This was the perfect amount, and you can also see the grilled onions. My one request was done exactly how I'd needed it to ensure I wasn't put into any kind of pain. It tasted like hamburger HEAVEN!!! I couldn't stop munching it, I had fries too and they ended up getting cold because I just couldn't put my burger down! The fresh (never frozen) 100% beef patties were so filling and you could tell they aren't trying to "weigh patties for size to the bun". I hate that, I hate going to a place to eat and you see "1/4 meat" but then you get it and it's so small. Oh, I see you mean 1/4 before it's cooked ohhh I get it. Nope, that's not Whataburger!

I would say your best thing to do when wanting to enjoy Whataburger is go inside to eat, don't do the drive-thru. The reason for this is like I said it can take a while to get your food since they're cooking everyone's to order and you don't want to be sitting in your car for a long time. Plus inside is always clean, quiet, and depending on the location you'll hear music you like. My husband worked at a Whataburger in South Texas and loves to tell me small tricks and things he used to do (ask about the Pie n' Shake trick!) but the thing that I love most about Whataburger...is that nothing changes. Flavor stays great, quality stays high, and no matter where in the United States you go you know everyone wishes they could eat at Whataburger. So find one in your town today!

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!

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