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On August 18th of this year, we adopted a dog who we named Molly. She was in the animal shelter for about two days and you could already tell that she was depressed being stuck in a cage. One thing that we struggled with was deciding how we should feed her. Dry food only? Wet food only? Mixture? How much? Should we use less expensive? What about fillers? Could there be fillers in wet food? Yes, we discussed all of this. The best wet food out there is definitely Purina Pro Plan and this review discusses how great it is as well as how we've seen Molly change!

We received a pack of two flavors of Pro Plan Savor food: Chicken & Carrots, as well as Turkey & Sweet Potato. Molly is definitely a pate pup, she is no a fan of larger chunks or excess gravy in her dry food mixture. So these cans are perfect for the dog that wants the mixture without having to "Sort" the wet and dry food. We usually give her about 1 scoop of dry food along with half a can of wet food in her bowl twice a day to give her a balanced diet. 

Fortified with 23 vitamins and minerals, Pro Plan gives a completely balanced diet for the active and hungry pup. There are absolutely no fillers in these cans so you are receiving corn, wheat, and soy free meals. This is fantastic and helps with digestion especially for the puppy with a sensitive tummy. Seeing as our Molly decided to munch a chocolate eclair when we weren't home recently, we felt confident in giving her her Purina Pro Plan knowing it would fill her and yet would not agitate her already sensitive stomach as she processed all that sugar and fat.

I absolutely love that there's real meat in these cans and not something that just smells like it. Some of the cheaper brands tend to use a by-product that might be from the animal they claim but you don't have to worry about that with Purina. Seeing as Molly (and every other dog out there) is an animal they need that meat. Since I don't plan to fry up bacon for her anytime soon, she can get her yummy chicken and turkey from her pro plan diet!

Molly loves her meals, and usually finishes her bowl which ends up about halfway down the kitchen instead of right on her mat. With her healthy ears, shiny coat, and perfect weight we follow Purina Pro Plan to ensure she can continue to stay healthy and active...well if she'd stop munching crayons and bread. She's just a puppy in the mind you know!

You can find a 12-Pack of Purina Pro Plan food currently on the Website here for $21.98 and I can tell you this lasts our 51 pound chocolate lab 24 meals. Half a can plus dry food makes an excellent diet! Do right by your four legged family member and get Pro Plan!

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