Chewy Influencer: Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Chew Bacon Flavor Dog Toy Review:

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Every pup in this world loves to get that brand new chew toy. The nice clean one that will be fun to toss around, chew on, get nice and dirty just so their Mommy and Daddy has to clean it back up for them. Well, our dog Molly was no exception when her Chewy box came in and inside was an awesome Double Action Chew Toy from Nylabone!

As you can see, Molly was so excited soon as she saw her new toy, and she then spent a good twenty minutes just walking it around the room showing it off to us haha. This double action chew toy is great because the smaller nubs clean your pup's teeth, massage their gums and even helps to reduce tartar build up while they spend time gnawing away. The green center is actually mint flavored, though the outside is bacon flavored to get your dog's attention so that they actually do want to nom the toy.

I love the fact that there looks like two separate styles of chew areas, so if Molly wants to carry this like a bone or a cigar she can make her choice. The bone itself is very well made and thick, so this isn't going to shatter or break apart easily when she tries to play with it. The only thing we did wrong, is Molly is 51 pounds so we chose the "Souper" size instead of the Wolf size. Yeah that was a mistake. Sadly, the bone is just too big for her to chew on but she does still carry it around! She also loves to play keep away with it.

Who's a happy doggy? Why this is a happy doggy! Yes she is, she loves her bone! When Molly is happy, her entire body wags not just her tail. In fact I truly do not understand how she gets from one point to another in a straight line, when she's playing with her DuraChew toy she doesn't walk straight, her tail is just going back and forth so fast I swear she'll smack everything...and I can promise you it feels like a whip on the leg. But she adores her toy, and I know your dog will too!

You can find your own Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Toy on here, as well as other pet stores. At they are currently available starting as low as $4.89, so get yours today!

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