Chewy Influencer: Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner Canned Food & Fresh Kisses Treats Review:

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For Thanksgiving, you know you aren't supposed to give your dog a multitude of things. In fact, now they say not to even give your dog turkey meat because the brine which may have garlic in it would have gone into the meat which can make your pup sick. So what should you do in this case? Well, get Merrick's Grain-Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner Canned Dog Food! Yep, they actually make a Thanksgiving dinner you can feed your dog which is 100% healthy!

(My apologies for the Halloween images, but sadly time is a fire in which we burn, and my fire in October burnt out quickly.)

This food is extremely filling and has turkey, chicken sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans, granny smith apples, all in a delicious gravy for your pup to munch on instead of sneaking "Treats" from the human's table! This canned dog food does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, and no preservatives so you know the food you are receiving is 100% healthy for your four legged best friend.

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I personally love their ingredients list, because as you read it you'll see there's nothing artificial listed within the food. Our sweet Molly went through her spay surgery during the time she was eating this and we had to cut back on her portions just a little. She was already at the perfect weight, and we knew feeding her Merrick's food along with perfect grain-free dry dog food she would continue to stay at a perfect weight level. We have never had to fight her on eating her Thanksgiving dinner that's for sure!

Now, what does every dog want after an amazing dinner, why of course they'd want an after dinner mint! Which brings us to our other Merrick item, Fresh Kisses Double-Brush Mint Breath Strips Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats!

These are delicious and nutritious, taste just like...well mint! Molly is not a dog that likes to drink water, heck because she gets wet food (and now also pumpkin) so doesn't usually need to drink water. But just like humans, if you don't drink enough you get some breath that is not...well not appealing for anyone to deal with. So these fresh kisses DEFINITELY do the trick! 

As you can see, Molly had eaten most of her Thanksgiving dinner/dog food mix and then we gave her her treat. For a chocolate lab of 51 pounds we have found that the medium size is a perfect size. These are not hard like rawhides, they crumble like a dog biscuit but they look like they would be tough. They smell minty, and work great to fight off tartar and plaque. They also freshen Molly's breath so well we love getting our pup's nose nuzzles on our face again!

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Each Fresh Kisses Treat is made with peas, alfalfa, tapioca and gelatin. There are no potatoes or grains in this and that is fantastic. One thing we are trying to avoid is grain in Molly's diet to ensure she stays at her right size and stays healthy. These treats are also made with small breath strips and even all natural spearmint oil. Healthy, safe, yummy, and minty clean!

Oh who is a happy doggy, yes you are Molly! Full, fresh breath, with a clean smile and full round tummy we are one happy Chewy pup here!

You can find Merrick's canned Thanksgiving Day Dinner here, with a 12 pack going for $31.44. You can also find the Fresh Kisses Dog Treats here and a pack of 22 goes for $21.03! I would say these treats make amazing stocking stuffers while the dinners definitely work great while you're sitting around the table with family enjoying the holidays! So make sure to get yours now!

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