Chewy Influencer: Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Dog & Cat Food Supplement Pouches Review:

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One of the main things we began to learn about when we got our pup was that pumpkin in the diet is a fantastic addition. It's healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and helps for good coat and promotes great health. So when we got the opportunity to try Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Dog & Cat Food Supplement Pouches we couldn't pass it up!

These pouches are 1.5 ounces and can replace up to 10% of your pup's diet. The pumpkin is thin enough that you can mix it in with dry food making sure each little bite has a pumpkin flavor. Our pup is not a fan of the dry food we got her, so this delicious addition helps us to ensure she eats healthy and gets full! 

You can tell with these pouches the contents are fresh and I love that both dogs and cats can eat this. Your furry four-legged friends will delight in having this wonderful and delicious addition to their meal ensuring they not only have a "happy belly" but a strong body! This pumpkin ensures great fiber for digestion as well as a wonderful taste.

Another thing I love is look at the ingredients, there's only two! Pumpkin, and water. I mean come on how healthy can you get to ensure your dogs and cats are feeling great and eating the right things? Considering how fast our dog devours her bowl when we include the Pumpkin Patch Up! pouch I know we're doing right by her.

You can find a case of 12 pouches on Chewy's website here as well as on Weruva's website. So make sure and snag some now for your pets to love!

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