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Every child has that dream of coming home from school, grabbing markers and coloring their pets. No, we don't mean chalk style at a salon that's all cute and adorable. I mean sharpies going on fur and you come around to see your dog ten shades of "oh my gosh" and the child so proud of their artwork. Crayola has once again made something so incredible it will not only save you frustration, it'll save your pets and their fur! Welcome to the world of Scribble Scrubbies!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets! is the most awesome thing you could find under your Christmas tree as a child. It comes with four pets, six markers, a tub, and best of all, they are completely washable! Yes, that's right, totally washable! My daughter was so excited to check out the pets and their fully workable tub, so we broke it open right after school!

You fill the bathtub with a little water, and I believe it just recycles the water. You should probably empty it after every pet being cleaned but we never have had much of a chance to do it. Reason for this is she would color and color and color then run away because her fingers were colored too, haha. When you push the gold button, water sprays out and hits the colored pet and yes, it completely comes off! I'm not joking!

So our pup here was just gorgeous wasn't it? Beautiful shades of blue, purple, orange, yellow and green this puppy dog was so glamorous! The markers are 100% washable so as you see her fingers were also colored and it didn't even make a difference! It took her about 20 minutes to fully color her puppy dog, and then the fun came, the washing!

A little blurry, but as you can see, there's still color on puppy but most of him is white once again after we washed him! I loved this, I loved how the puppy's fur was not the kind to stain and you could use these repeatedly instead of having to buy new ones all the time. Plus the puppy loved his bath, just like...well majority of pups like their baths haha.

His nose took a little scrubbing, but he was ready for his next coloring shortly after his bath! 

You can find your own Scribble Scrubbie Pets! Scrub Tub Playset at Walmart by clicking here or also at Target, Amazon and more. They currently are at Walmart for $19.97! So make sure to look for yours today!

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