Holmestead Bakery: Unicorn Cupcakes & Cookies Review:

Everyone has that dream of finding the perfect bakery who will do what you want for your daughter's birthday. Here in the Texoma area, Holmestead Bakery goes above and beyond to bring you what you're wanting and even does more than you could ever expect! I had the honor of receiving cupcakes and cookies from Holmestead Bakery and now I'm going to show all of you the amazing and delicious birthday treats we had!

First, let us start with the sugar cookies which everyone who ate them said the were delicious, soft, and decadent! The flavor surprised us as it became clear something was lemon, but it wasn't a strong lemon it was subtle and sweet with the icing. The cookies were thick, but melted in your mouth and look how beautiful they were! Soon as one was taken, all of a sudden they were ALL gone! I loved the detailing how each of them in some way were different. You can see the ones with the pink and blue manes had different eye styles. Some had different color horns, some had different color manes, I mean she really did an incredible job with the detailing!


The cupcakes were absolutely adorable. She made chocolate which were the party favorite, and then she made strawberry. The strawberry smelled INCREDIBLE you could smell it through the box! As you can see, she was doing different icing techniques and I adored seeing that. Some of them looked like cotton candy, some looked like ice cream swirls. Then some had sprinkles, some had beads, I mean the amount of detailing on these were just astounding! Everything was so soft and sweet, and I loved how moist they were. I loved seeing the kids's faces as they ate the cupcakes and boy did they smile wide!

Kids with Cupcakes!! Yummy and mm mm mm!! Not a single cupcake was left, they were so incredibly delicious! Holmestead Bakery really went above and beyond to ensure my daughter's birthday party was fantastic. The cupcakes and cookies were the highlight of the day and I could not have been more impressed by her work.

The birthday girl had nothing but high praises at her party for the cupcake & cookie maker! She loved all the colors, the detailing, the taste, and by the end she was wishing there were more. The best part about Holmestead Bakery is they do incredible cookie work, and have them for all seasons! Right now, they are preparing for Fall and Thanksgiving so make sure to hit the link above to look at their current designs available on Facebook!


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