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Spring is coming soon, and everyone knows that a dog loves to go outside and play in the warm sun, the green grass, and enjoy rolling around in the dirt. But some dogs also love to run and chase things and that's where All Kind comes in with their awesome selection of Toss & Play toys!

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These very sturdy and durably-made toys are thick with a strong rubber, nylon and polyester so your dog can enjoy their play without fear of shredding the toy. There is no squeaker which is just awesome as well! For those late nights when your dog is just so excited but your kid is asleep, you can toss this down the hall and long as your dog doesn't do like ours and trip over her own feet you're set for some quiet fun!

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We got our Molly the boomerang as well as the man, and she adores both! She loves to run with them and play keep away from us, but she also loves to just lay down with it and chew. I'm so happy we could find something that she can't just bite through easily. She has a squishy duck that is supposed to be "ever-lasting", HAH. That thing is missing a leg, a wing, and we've had to sew it twice. But not with All Kind!

That is one super happy pup there don't you think? You can find your own All Kind Toss and Play toys here and the prices range from $6.99 and up.  The best part is with Chewy's fast shipping you can order your toys tonight, and get them by Friday! Seriously they move that fast so make sure to check them out!

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