Chewy Influencer: Merrick Fresh Kisses Treats Review:

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Molly is a huge fan of Merrick products especially their fresh kisses treats. Just like any dog our sweet Molly is a fan of...self-cleaning. Let's be honest every dog does it and then you have to tilt your head up a little for those kisses. But with Merrick's fresh kisses treats, she has beautiful smelling breath from a very clean mouth you know she is happy with and you are as well!

These delicious treats are infused with botanical oils, coconut and smell divine. My husband says they smelled almost like lemongrass, rosemary, the scents were just pleasant and safe for any dog to eat and enjoy. We love that there are no potatoes or grains in this, which these days is a quick filler in any dog food.

Whose a happy doggy? Oh yes, Molly was so excited when her Chewy box arrived and inside were some of her favorite, delicious treats! Molly is between 50-52 pounds (just like any girl out there we have our bigger days don't we?) So we chose the medium sized treats for her. 

These kisses treats are darker than the ones from before, and they smelled so amazing. The best part was they didn't feel oily or greasy for what was inside them. My hands are small as you can see, and a medium treat was just big enough to be a tasty cookie for Molly without being too big. I'd say it took her only a few bites to eat it. 

Look at the face of this happy puppy! As I said, the medium treat is still a good size for pups like her. The delicious smell and taste of Merrick fresh kisses brushes her teeth while she eats them. Each bite scrubs her teeth but she doesn't know that, all she knows is shes getting delicious peas, tapioca and gelatin with her tasty coconut oil. One treat gives her fresh breath for many hours!

You can purchase your own pup their treats here we got her the smaller pack for $8.49. Remember, with Chewy you can get auto-ship for your dog's treats so they never run out without having to remember to go to the store! So get yours soon!

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