Chewy Influencer: WHIMZEES Brushzees 30 Day Dental Dog Treats!

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I don't know about the rest of you, but we try our hardest to help our sweet Molly have great fresh breath and clean teeth. But, dogs will be dogs and after a few hours of sleep they come to you and lick your chin and...yeah you scrunch your nose up! You can't help it, you adore your four legged fuzzy-butt immensely but their breath could knock you out couldn't it? That's where Whimzees steps in! Great tasting daily treats that keep your pup excited and their teeth sparkling clean!

Whimzees makes a 30 day supply of triple care treats that reduce tartar and plaque, keep the gums pink and clean, and freshens breath so you can lean in and enjoy your pup's snuggles when they want to give you kisses. With cute designs and a great crunch you know your dog is getting the best of the best.

With only six primary ingredients you'll find that your pet will only be chewing the safest and healthiest of choices for their breath. Including potato starch, glycerin, lecithin, powdered cellulose, malt extract, and yeast these special ingredients can help with your pet without the fear of fillers impacting their sensitive tummies. Though, I can't say how sensitive Molly's is this girl sneaks chocolate no matter where we hide it!

Look at how adorable these look! Cute little teeth on green or orange colored crunchy treats. The groves of the treats are great to help rub off anything on the teeth that shouldn't be there, while the special handles on the bottom help the dog's paws hold tight. There's also Alfalfa and Paprika for flavoring and seasoning in these so not to worry your pup will want them every single day!


Oh Molly loves hers look at that happy face! She tends to treat them like toys at first, running around playing keep away from us with them and growling as that tail goes in a 360 spin for 15 to 20 minutes. But then I think her tongue smacks it and she goes "Oh! Tasty!" and down she goes to the floor! She loves them and every day she'll go to the counter and nudge the box hoping we give her one even if she already had it!

You can find your own WHIMZEES Brushzees 30 Day Dental Dog Treats here and for the medium size which is for 25-40 pound pups  at  $34.99. Keep min mind, our Molly is actually 51 pounds but these were still the perfect size for her so I would suggest trying the smaller size from the wieght!  The best part is with Chewy's fast shipping you can order your toys tonight, and get them by Friday! Seriously they move that fast so make sure to check them out!

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