Chewy Influencer: Castor & Pollux PRISTINE Grain-Free Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth Dog Food Topper Review:

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Our Molly is a very happy dog. She has an incredible personality where my husband is able to give her quite the cute voice. But one thing she is that we have a hard time with? Very picky eater. She does not like to eat the same things over and over. Enter in Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks and bang! We have a fantastic product sure to help your dogs stop being picky while getting all the nutrients they need!

Today I'm going to show you the Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth that our dog has fallen deeply in love with! This broth is 100% free of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors and is also free of filler like corn, grains, soy, gluten, you know the stuff that fluffs up your pup instead of helping them to stay healthy. The smell is actually quite nice compared to other food toppers you might have around you, and the best part is...your dog will love it!

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As you can see, this is completely 100% safe for your dog and it helps to keep them on a great diet. My husband only uses about 1/4 of the bottle at a time for our 51 pound princess. He then heats it up for about 15-20 seconds so that the fat doesn't just sit on top of the food but actually mixes in and voila! We stir it into her hard food and she devours it! This is great for the picky eater who looks at food expecting to see something. Instead, she smells it and then eats until she is full.

Yeah, Molly isn't just quite ready for the modeling championships yet but she adores her bone broth! She gets excited every time its time to eat, and sits right next to her bowl place on the floor with that tail just wagging all giddy for dinner! We used to have to stand in the kitchen to ensure she was even willing to eat. Now? Nope we can walk out and not have a problem!

You can purchase a 24 pack of these amazing bone broths here and currently they are going for $64.56 on Chewy. There is free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49 so this will qualify! We've been feeding Molly her bone broth for a month now and still have 18 remaining because even at her size, you don't need a lot to ensure they eat and get what they need! So make sure to get yours today, and set yourself up for Chewy's autoship so you never run out!

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