Sparklecornia Sparkle: Unicorns of Awesomeness Hoodie Review:

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Sparklecornia is a fantastic addition to our Princess Guide!!

Every woman, man, and child out there adores sparkles. Come on, even as a man you can't help but want to see your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, even niece or nephew run around with sparkles and glitter. So Sparklecornia is the perfect place to find amazing clothing, home decor, and more to make everyone's lives pretty and fun!

Today, I'll be reviewing the most awesome hoodie, in fact, it's called the "Unicorns of Awesomeness" sweatshirt, and I have to admit when I wear it I definitely feel awesome and cute!

This hoodie sweatshirt is SO comfortable, oh my gosh. Many times you get a hoodie that is kind of scratchy on the inside, or it's the same material inside and out so it's just a wonderful surprise. It's a soft material inside that keeps you warm, but doesn't make you sweat. The graphic is very bright on the blue so everyone can see it.

"Unicorns are Awesome
I am Awesome
So Therefore I am a Unicorn"

Oh heck yes this is so true isn't it? Don't you just sometimes wake up and feel so magical and feel free and wanting to smile and have fun? Well, that's what it feels to be a unicorn!

Here's a great shot to show you how big the writing is on the hoodie compared to the size of it. The font as you can see is very whimsical and I love how it stands out so well. I feel so comfortable in this hoodie as well. As you can imagine, being a plus sized girl it's hard to wear things like this where the extra material could hang and make you feel wider. But no, this hoodie shapes to you at least that's how it feels. I've had a lot of compliments on it when wearing it!

I have worn this hoodie so much already, that I've washed it and washed it and unfortunately my hard water has faded the font some. This is NO WAY the fault of Sparklecornia or their product. We live on hard well water, and there's not much we can do about that. But you can still see my design beautifully and people still love it! I put it on any time I feel I just need a bit of a sparkly lift in my life, or want to feel like a powerful unicorn in life!

You can find your own Unicorns of Awesomeness Hoodie here: Though I will say at this time I can't give a price as their website I believe is down for maintenance. Keep your eyes open though, because you can get this in blue or other colors and they make AWESOME gifts for friends, family, or even yourself when you just need something comfy!

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