JORD Dover Ebony & Copper Watch Review:

Watches are the best way to look sophisticated while being able to keep track of your time of day. JORD creates beautiful wooden works of art you can wear, and my husband was so excited to get his watch! We had to wait until Summer cooled just...slightly (lol this is Texas so Summer really won't be gone for another month) but we are ready to review and show you this amazing beauty!

This beautiful Ebony and Copper Dover watch came in it's own humidor box, and immediately I fell in love with how intricate the inside was. You can see the gears all moving, the hands move smoothly, it's just genuinely a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Can you call it jewelry? I mean you buy watches in a jewelry store, but this seems more sophisticated than jewelry! It doesn't even look like it's made out of wood, it looks like a piece of expensive metal.

My husband is very fair skinned, so this stands out on his wrist so much which I think is great because it shows the craftsmanship of the watch to everyone who catches it in the eye. The beauty of the gears is one thing that keeps me in awe and best part is: the more he wears it, the more it stays wound! Self-winding is awesome, it's not like his other watches which were "Solar powered". Nope, this uses his walking and motion to keep going! We also loved that when it arrived, the watch was just slightly too big. JORD watches can easily be sized from home you can do it yourself without fear of breaking it!

The box that it came in is wonderful, because he can put his watch in there and keep it safe. As this is not metal completely but made of wood, you want to keep it dry and safe. So this box which is solid wood makes for an amazing top of a dresser item, but you know your watch is safe and secure while staying in top notch condition!

You can find your own Dover Ebony & Copper Watch here for $194.00. They also have other men's watches, even beautiful women's watches for you to go for! These make excellent Christmas presents for your family members, spouse, and more. Heck, these make gifts for graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! So make sure to get yours today!

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