Great Stocking Stuffers - Radz Candy Dispensers for Christmas!

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This year, if you're looking for yummy stocking stuffers in your child's favorite characters, make sure to get Radz Candy Dispensers! This year, they have so many unique faces, shapes, and more that'll make your boy or girl so happy and excited! With delicious candy, small key chain dispensers, and bright vivid colors your school kid will be excited to attach these to their backpacks!

So many options and so many adorable dispensers! My daughter took all the Secret Life of Pets ones before I could get a picture so for that I apologize lol. But if you remember, last year I showed you guys the squishy unicorns and this year I'm showing all these others! There's Paw Patrol, Smooshy Mushy, Unicorns (that aren't squishy), and more!

So many different kinds of dispensers too! There's large ones, there's small ones. Ones that are keychains and ones that are just big huge honking ones you hide in your rooms from your parents! Each dispenser comes with a bag of candy that you pour in, and they even make sure there are seals!

This is one of the smaller dispensers, and I used Marshall as a perfect example. Inside, you can see this small opening that twists almost like the top of a seasoning shaker. You pour the candy in right there, and then close it! Perfect to be in a child's back pack all day, or inside their sports bag. They're small enough for even a younger child's hand (though be sure not to leave the little ones alone with small pieces of candy!) and they close and open just like a round chap stick! Simple and easy and oh so adorable!

Look out below!! Haha, my daughter loved doing this video for everyone to see just how much fun Radz Dispensers really are! Make sure to look in stores for yours today at Walmart, Target, even Amazon and make a child smile big on Christmas Day!

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