July 10 - National "Don't Step On A Bee Day"!

10 ways you can help save the bees — New York Bee Sanctuary

July 10th is officially National "Don't Step on a Bee Day!" This day is especially important, because bees are what helps us with just about everything we need to survive. Food, shelter, oxygen, everything. How is that you ask? Well let's take a look!

So I'm sure many of you every day see this kind of scene in your yards, around your cities and you can't help but wonder just how exhausting it must be to collect dust and pollinate right? Well, these bees help with that! When a bee lands on a flower and collects the pollen, it sticks to their their little legs while they also drink the nectar from the flowers themselves. Then, this little guy will fly around and find another flower landing upon it. The pollen from the first flower will now fertilize with the second flower, allowing for cross pollination to occur as well as reproduction. This is extremely important to allow us the change to continue to receive oxygen from plants but also importantly, it helps with our food sources. 

Why Should We Care? | Humans and the decline of the honey bee

Above is a list of all of the foods that humans eat, that bees pollinate. You can see above we love so many things that bees are the source of the creation! I mean we can go all the way to the shirts you wear made out of cotton. Look at that, bees pollinate cotton seed. Without the seed being pollinated, they won't bloom therefore, cotton won't be created unless it's synthetically. I really prefer true cotton don't you? Oh and I could not live without my cucumbers, or my olives. 

INTERSTELLAR' 2014 'SandStorm' Full Scene HD 720p - YouTube

Have you seen the movie Interstellar? In the film, "blight" is killing off all the crops and so instead of being able to eat hot dogs or peanuts at a baseball game, all that was available was popcorn or artificially made foods like candy and soda. In the film, the only food available to eat was corn. Did you notice corn was not on the list above? Interesting connection there, don't you think? Without the bees to pollinate, we will lose our food supply of many things. On top of that, plants will not grow into the ground which will cause the dust storms that were so large and violent in the film. Though this film doesn't come out and blame the loss of the bee population...I could see this happening.

We must preserve our small little friends! Make sure to plant their favorite flowers in your yard (I'd do it at the back of the yard lol), try not to freak out if you see them! Most of the time bees are doing nothing more than trying to find food, so let them do that! Let's help the bee population! 

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