Why I'm Losing Faith in Doctors:

I have always been a firm believer in the medical profession. I feel that those who take the time to learn how to do a medical specialty, are to be fully trusted to take care of you and your children. I believe in vaccinations, I believe in flu shots and yes, if a COVID19 vaccine comes out as long as there's enough medical proof that it's safe my home will be getting it. But, in the last two years I've begun to start doubting who I can trust...especially when it comes to my daughter. 

The statements made in this article are completely 100% the opinion of this blog owner. This is not an attempt to sway someone one way or the other of their own medical trust. 

My daughter in Kindergarten, was chewing her fingers deep. She was also great at first but by the end of the year began showing signs of high anxiety and ADHD. She also was showing extreme signs of OCD which would hinder her in school. We were seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed different medications in an attempt to help her with all of this, but something changed during that time. My daughter also began exhibiting child migraines and they were coming back around in 1st grade. By the middle of the 1st semester of 2nd grade, I felt the migraines should be checked into because my daughter was also showing some other scary behaviors such as screaming if she couldn't make up her mind on things, freaking out and screaming if we weren't able to understand her, etc. 

The neurologist ran an EEG and stated he saw two different types of seizure activity. So he ordered an overnight video-monitored EEG. Within 5 hours of that experience, the nurse came in and started my daughter on seizure medication. I was told it was confirmed, she had Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. This meant she was having non-convulsive absence seizures. This neurologist told us "This is good news!" Okay yeah, that should've been a clue to me but anyway. He decided my daughter did not have ADHD, and therefore decided we would wean her off the medications from the psychiatrist and put her on "one pill a day for the rest of her life." That was November of 2019.

As of September 2020, she was on EIGHT PILLS A DAY. Yes! EIGHT! Every time I told this neurologist something was changing/happening, rather than looking for the problem or looking for what the cause was he'd just add a pill and up a dose! It was heartbreaking to see my daughter feel so trapped by medication alarms. She'd take meds in the morning, in the afternoon, AND at night to sleep! One pill gave her insomnia, so another pill would be added to help her sleep. She began having rage episodes, where she'd black out and she'd beat me and her father with punches and more. Rather than look into why this happened, he would just add another medication. 

So we switched to a new neurologist who after spending not even half an hour with my daughter, wondered why her ADHD wasn't being treated. I pointed out we were told she didn't have ADHD. He just stared at her in wonder how anyone could even say that. 

Fast forward to October of 2020 -- She is down to 5 1/2 pills a day. She is now confirmed to not be epileptic. She is ADHD with severe anxiety disorder and child migraines. I mean HELLO! So for almost a year my daughter was taking medications for seizures and she wasn't even having them. She was not being treated for her ADHD which was causing her to have misbehavior moments she couldn't control -- I mean at first we're told not to believe the psychiatrist. Now we're being medically proven not to trust the first neurologist -- And my daughter is the one who is suffering!

You're supposed to be able to put your faith in the medical field. Those who research and learn the profession should be the ones trusted. I mean same in the legal field, same in the political fi--- Okay let's not touch that one right now. How can people do this to a child? 

I'm currently sitting in a hospital room at a children's hospital. My daughter is wired for sound (EEG) and we'll be staying one more night. Tomorrow we get to go home, and what have we learned? She's not epileptic! But you know what we've also learned? She's struggling mentally, emotionally, psychologically now because of all of this! Here are some perfect examples:

My daughter has gained 35-40 pounds since May.
Former Neurologist: "Oh it's because of Covid, just get her exercising and eating better."
Current Neurologist: "Yeah it's the medications. Let's drop her down 1/2 tablet of (insert name here) and let's see."

Result - Down three pounds in 3 weeks.

My daughter has had blackout rage episodes for several months now, and not only beats us up to where people believe my spouse is abusing me but has to have CBD oil on a daily basis to help her.
Former Neurologist:
"It's part of her seizure activity. Let's add a medication for emergencies." - Continued- "Oh she's not getting better? Let's make this a permanent medication and double the dose."
Current Neurologist: "It's due to the medication (insert name here). This medication is known for rage. Let's wean her off she shouldn't have been on it anyway."

Result - No rage in a month. Considering stopping CBD.

My daughter was being weaned off an ADHD med because you said she didn't need it. But when we try to take her off she gets insomnia.
Former Neurologist:
"Okay let's just keep her on it, it's not doing her any harm and this way she sleeps at night."
Current Neurologist: "Why didn't he just have you use melatonin to counteract the insomnia for a couple of weeks? This is the medication that causes rage, let's get her off."

Result - No rage, and soon will also be off the melatonin.

Please, watch carefully and do research when someone is medically working on your children. I put my trust in someone, who has made our lives so complicated for so long and now we not only have to heal what he did, but figure out how to help our daughter now. She needs a neurologist, PCP, psychiatrist, therapist, and optometrist! May not have needed all this if he'd done it right the first time! Just know, it's okay to question the medical professionals if you feel in your heart something is wrong. Don't let them make you sit and wait, because now...we're seeing the result.

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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