Coco Granado Design - The Tumblr Queen Review:

Tumblers. No, we're not talking about the sessy website, we're talking about personalized, awesome cups that are made with love and look awesome; Even at 3am when you wake up realizing your television didn't turn off, and when you turn it off you have a glowing light staring you in the face making you wonder if there's an alien in your bedroom. (True story.) 

Coco Granado Design is a local to Texoma, self-made business by an awesome woman that I have had an honor of now getting to call a dear friend. We met at a local karate academy, and she was so down to earth that I loved talking to her. When she began her business, I HAD to become an ambassador and showcase her talents because she does an amazing work not only with tumblers but with multiple other things as well!

(Tumblers for Adults/Teens)

Coco made me the most amazing tumbler out of nowhere and when I saw it I knew that she had taken my personal interests and my deepest fears and worries when she did this. The color is a gorgeous purple and it looks so beautiful in the light. I love how the cup shimmers, and the quote is so me! I use this cup every day and I can tell you, it fits 1 3/4's cans of Dr. Pepper! Yep, I've measured it because I love how this cup keeps my drinks cool even throughout the night! Every night I fill it with cold Arizona Green Tea and I sip it. Even at 4am when I wake up and need a drink it's still cool and still tastes amazing. 

(Tumblers for Children)

Not to worry parents, there are even awesome, adorable tumblers for your little ones! This, amazingly GORGEOUS one is perfect for my nine year old. It is spill proof when closed, and easy for her to drink from at school! The only issue she had was getting it out of her backpack, the side was too tight. But that's just her, lol. Your child can have their own, personal tumbler for school that makes them feel confident when they read it! What I love about this tumbler is even when cold, it's not slippery. So I don't have to worry about my daughter spilling her drink because condensation doesn't build on the outside.

So what else does Coco Granado do? Well it's awesome you should ask!

How about... glo-in-the-dark dominos???

(Glo-In-The-Dark Dominos)

Can you see the two tone coloring? I love that! They are so cute, and they glow in the dark! So on the nights like...well let's say February snow storms when there's NO FREAKIN POWER FOR DAYS AT A TIME (yeah screw you ERCOT we still hate you for that) these would be amazing to play with at night! But what else does Coco do?

(Cutting Boards)

Cutting boards! What I love is the unique designs Coco Granado offers. This one is so gorgeous and would stand out in any kitchen for maybe someone in their first apartment or a college student. Something new and special that isn't like what everyone else would have. These designs truly have an incredible feel that almost lets off an emotional response depending on how you want to look at it. Which is great, it will define the person! 

(Wax Melts)

You can find Coco Granado Design on Facebook where you can see all their current designs and offers as well as even request a custom design. Current turnaround is 2-3 weeks depending on what you're ordering as well as shipping location but keep in mind, Coco doesn't have control of USPS so you'd have to nag them if they take too long since...well she did her job! You can also find wax melts and even crayons from Coco Granado Design which would make AWESOME gifts! Even plan ahead for Christmas -- special and unique stocking stuffers!

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!

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  1. I have seen your work. It is beautiful. My wife got one as a gift and she loves it!


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