Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten 90s Shows Kids of Today will Love!

I am definitely a 90s Mom. Seriously, I would prefer watching the original Roseanne or Grace Under Fire any day of the week over the current shows. BUT!! Thanks to the amazing works of Paramount+ we can now show our kids the awesome shows that we used to watch that they will get a kick out of! Each show will have a rating beside it letting you know if we think your younger kids 
or older kids! 

10. CatDog - Originally Nickelodeon
Est. 1998

When we were kids, you knew the theme song as it came on. You knew that this funny duo was going to go into another great adventure that made you laugh and smile and you couldn't help but wonder...just how did they live like this? CatDog is one of the best animated shows of the 90s that allows for great humor and good animation and any child can watch this! No bad words or adult jokes of any kind so make sure your toddlers watch this! 

9. Spongebob Squarepants - Originally Nickelodeon
Est. 1999

I have to be honest I never watched this show as a child. As an adult...I still won't watch it very often lol. But my 9 year old fell in love with Spongebob at a young age and we let her watch it but in moderation. There have actually been studies done that Spongebob can decrease intelligence, can you believe that? Well, whatever! If you want to giggle at a cute little yellow sponge and his friends you can find all his episodes now on Paramount +! Please keep in mind, the creators of the show have stated that preschoolers were not meant to watch this show, so I suggest keeping it at the bigger kid rating. 

8. Rugrats - Originally Nickelodeon
Est. 1991

One of the oldest cartoons I remember watching as a child born in the 1980's, Rugrats appeared on Nickelodeon in 1991. This show about adorable babies and their daily adventures with Reptar and the evil Angelica kept me entertained even into adulthood. As much as my daughter tries to deny it, she gets into this show because they are so funny. Who here has always wanted to somehow find a Reptar bar just to see if their tongue turned green? I did and still do! This show is on Paramount + and I also believe it's on Hulu so check it out! Definitely a great show for your wee ones! 

7. Doug - Originally Nickelodeon
Est. 1991

Another great show from 1991 was Doug which always came on right after Rugrats...or before, ah I can't remember. I also loved this show because he was a pre-teen, and of course I was growing into those years as I watched Doug try to bag a Neematoad or make sure Patti really loved him! Who could forget the amazing Pork Chop who was basically Snoopy 2.0? Oh, and let's not forget The Beets! "Ah ee ooh...killer tofu..." Haha. Another great show for your little ones who will love to hear about nature's candy... Beets! 

6. Ren & Stimpy - Originally Nickelodeon
Est. 1991

Happy happy joy joy!! Yep, Ren & Stimpy is on this list! This show was created by John Kricfalusi and the artistry has carried into other shows like The Simpsons and more. This show has some dark humor, some very...raunchy moments but you know the theme song and...the infamous ... "Happy Happy Joy Joy!" My daughter's favorite character growing up was the horse though. She loved the episode where Ren & Stimpy became Dalmatians so they could eat and the horse was dropped to the ground. She would mimic his moves and then end it with "No Sir, I don't like it!" and now our family loves to sing "Log, it's log! It's big, it's heavy, it's wood..." Yeah, finish the song!! Definitely for older kids, unless you plan to sit side by side with your child and watch carefully! 

5. Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Originally Canada YTV
Est. 1990

I used to adore this show growing up as it made me feel like I was watching scary movies...and I really wasn't. The storylines were always meant for younger adults, pre-teens, or now called "tweens" and were never truly scary but you couldn't turn away. One in particular that has always stuck with me was a story about two children who lived in what I think was a hotel or condo building. A "toy company" comes and takes over the top floor and they are invited to come "try out toys". But then it turns out, the girl was not--- OH I shouldn't give it away! These are all on Paramount + so this is definitely fun for the whole spooky family!!

4. Nick Arcade - Nickelodeon
Est. 1992

Okay so I loved this show when I was growing up. I live in Texas and would've given anything to go to the now defunct Nickelodeon Studios just to participate in this show. I mean come on, you answer fun trivia questions, win prizes, play video games and then get to go into a simulator and play too! How much more fun can this get? Watching now as an adult I can't help but laugh at how I couldn't figure out the answers when I was younger but it's fun to see if my daughter can answer it all. She also tells them how to play the video games through the TV haha. Fun for all ages!

3. Legends of the Hidden Temple - Nickelodeon
Est. 1993

Now this one I think I still enjoy more than my daughter does but that's because I was again, always wanting to go to the show and climb through all the rooms. This show was not only fun but educational and it turns out the majority of the stories Olmec told on the show were factual so you had to learn to win. I thought that was always awesome! Then they climbed up and down in and out of rooms in an attempt to win fun prizes...from nerds candy and yoyos, to a trip to...EGADS -- Nickelodeon Studios!! Wait...but...they were there? Ah well, this could be fun to watch with your kids too! Maybe they'll want to make a temple after they watch this!

2. Boy Meets World - Originally ABC
Est. 1993

Okay the gif above already dates the dang show, lol. This show I've re-watched a few times since it became available online. This is actually on Disney + but I had to include it because this is a great coming of age show. Just about every scenario a child could go through, was in this show which I loved. This show was able to stand the test of time and show us that families could laugh, cry, fall apart, be rich, be poor, go to college, and it didn't matter you'd always find a way to have a happy ending. Definitely another show for all ages! 

1. Daria - Originally MTV
Est. 1997

Yep, saved the best for last. My daughter has re-started this five season show several times and every time we can't help but laugh hysterically. Daria is one of the best sarcastic shows around and very rarely is there anything that is wrong to hear. No profanity, no real sexual verbage, no drug use, just idiots who love to say "Come back soon to the Nut Nut Nutty Nutty Lunch World!" Yeah...thanks Kevin! Haha, you have to watch Daria and love it and this is definitely a show I think ages 8+ could watch happily. Also on Paramount +!

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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