Mommy Mondays: Reasons I love being a Mom!

Hi Moms! It's Monday! I wanted to write something inspirational and something feel good. I realized, it's Mommy Monday! I should write about, being a Mom (duh!). I know how hard it can be sometimes. You are tired, stressed, running around cleaning and cooking, working, helping with homework. Sometimes you feel so guilty just wanting to hide in the closet with your glass of wine for five minutes. But, remember why you're so happy being a Mom!

1. My child brings me so much happiness! 

Has your husband/spouse ever just come up behind you and put their arms around you? They hug you close and smile and then you feel all your stress melt away? When my daughter rests against me, snuggles, cuddles, "Nuggles" (as we jokingly call it), hugs, or kisses me I feel that same feeling but times a thousand. She's my sweet miracle baby and finding that joy of Motherhood with her is completely a blessing. Life feels so incredible with her, and I know your children make you feel the same!

2. I'm so proud to impact someone's life and guide them in a positive way!

Growing up my childhood was split between two households: my Grandmother, and my Parents. My Grandma really didn't do a lot of "guiding" moreso she just kind of went through the motions in raising me. I wasn't taught how to balance a checkbook, understand about credit card debt, student loan debt, auto loans, etc. I wasn't even taught about how to live on my own and what happens if you don't pay a bill. I think if I'd had more time during the week with my parents they would've taught me so much more and helped me be an independent person. I'm so grateful that now as a Mom, I'm able to teach these things to my daughter. She already knows she doesn't have to attend college, but she can learn a trade (like auto tech) or something along those lines. She's learning about how to handle bullies so she doesn't skip school (like I would), and more. The fact is, being a parent is so rewarding because you get to help guide and lead a young soul into their own.

3. Being a Mother is something no one can take from me, or you!

My situation is very unique in the sense that my Mom, is not my biological Mother. She though, is my Mom and no one can take that from her. Just as no one can take from me that I am my daughter's Mom. I work very hard to ensure she is taken care of, she is loved, respected, and more and that feeling is something that will never be taken away. Do you know that feeling? Whether you carried your child, adopted your child, or helped raise them, you're their Mom!

4. Being a Mother has helped me to be a more caring and giving person, and being more of a nurturing individual!

I struggle with my own medical conditions, and sometimes I can appear grumpy even when I'm not. But when my daughter comes to me because she doesn't feel well, or wants to be snuggled, or wants to tell me something that is important to her, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside! I'm sure you do too, because you get to become this big cuddle bunny for your child to not only take care of them, but love and protect them. It makes you a better person too, because you put them before you.

5. I love getting to see my husband be such an amazing Father!!

I saved the absolute best for last, because this is definitely the best part of being a Mom for me. My husband did not grow up with a purely supportive household. His Dad really was never there for him, in fact his Dad was abusive at times. He went through that abuse until he was 15 or so, and then ended up homeless. The one thing he has always told me is he was going to raise his daughter, to never feel he wasn't there for her. My husband is an incredible father, and I adore knowing that I gave him that chance. He has always told me that having me in his life made him a better man, but having his daughter has made his life perfect. 

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!
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