Nadine West: The Subscription Box for Women!

If you're like me, finding clothes that not only fit, but look good on my body and also are affordable is almost impossible. But then I heard about Nadine West and after a few packages, I have to tell you all about this awesome subscription service!

Within a pink package that is delivered each month, are wrapped items that you cannot wait to tear open. I love how everything is pink ("On Wednesdays we wear pink!" - Mean Girls) as that is my favorite color. I'm hoping to actually receive more pink clothing soon, haha. Each package has anywhere from six to ten items that can include anything from shirts, skirts, jeans, jeggings, leggings, jewelry, dresses, and shorts. 

This was the very first dress that I received from Nadine West, and immediately I fell in love. This picture actually does not do the dress justice but it gives you a good idea of everything. The dress is a plum color, and comes with pockets. I had not worn a dress in many, many, MANY years due to my lack of self-confidence. Anything that showed off my legs or I thought made me look even larger than I was already I would avoid. But this dress with the beautiful color and how soft it was I couldn't help myself! The straps across the chest are a bit of a "peek-a-boo" but I'm still covered and I love that I can feel cute, and a bit sexy, while also being modest. This dress was around $20-$25 I believe in my first package.

When signing up for Nadine West, you'll begin a profile and choose different categories as to what you would like to wear. You can choose from florals, solids, abstract, etc for clothing which I must say, I have received a LOT of florals since I marked that one. There's also four different categories for the style of jewelry you'd like to receive, and also a few other options. When you first start, don't be surprised if you have to change the sizes you receive for your next package, or your styles. The first package will not be 100% perfect but keep in mind, you have a random person picking out your clothing for you and they have not only never met you, but they haven't seen you! So don't get discouraged by the first package not being exactly as you had predicted. Out of ten items on my first package, several shirts didn't fit me, the pants didn't fit me, and the jewelry was too small, but I didn't give up! After each package, they request you give feedback on all the items you were sent, which then helps them with your next package.

With package number two, I fell in love with the tops right away. I received two floral tops, and this one has become my favorite. It's a little short, but more importantly this shirt helped me to become more confident in another way. I have not worn shorts as long as I haven't worn dresses. A long time ago, I was wearing my bathing suit and some people started joking about how white and pale my legs looked. Being Scottish, it's not like my legs can tan! But for some reason that stuck with me, and I never wore shorts again no matter how hot the Texas Summer would get. In comes Nadine West! I had this pair of shorts from my Mom that fit great and now with the Nadine West shirts, I feel so confident and pretty! Sure, I'd love to be skinnier, and tanner, and be that "ideal body type" that society says I need to be but right now I feel gorgeous! The clothing from Nadine West can be thin so I'm going to have to buy some tan/strapless bras but that doesn't matter to me. What matters is that they listened to my feed back and voila! The jewelry in package number two still didn't fit, and this time I got a dress that was so big, it fit me like a muu-muu. Very unflattering, lol. But the tops were so beautiful and I was, well in the words of Craig on Southpark "I was so happy." Haha. In this package, the only two things that I could not enjoy out of six items were the necklace, and the dress. Everything else fit me wonderfully!

After the second package, you may begin to notice that your style is not quite what you thought it was. Don't be surprised if you decide to go in and continue to tweak your profile. The stylists at Nadine West will work with what you send, and they won't ignore you and what you say!

By package number three, I am now in Nadine West heaven! Look at this gorgeous dress! These pictures really do not show you the absolute gorgeous detailing and again, it has pockets! This one is also very soft, and is a little longer than the plum-colored one so that makes me feel more confident especially if there's a bit of wind that day. What I love is that this dress isn't as low cut, nor does it expose my chest. I'm a bit of a conservative when it comes to that sometimes so I don't want to show off everything! Can you believe this is what I got by package number three? It's so beautiful and fits so great!

Here is another shot that shows you all the detailing. It still doesn't reflect the coloring that you can see in person especially when out in the sun. But you can see the glamour of it and how much I enjoy it!

In conclusion, I have to say that Nadine West is perfect for someone like me. The shirt above also came from them, and I'm actually wearing it right now. I feel lovely and confident thanks to Nadine West, and I want you all to feel the same! You can try Nadine West out, and get free shipping on you first package! Please note: I was not paid by Nadine West to post only a positive review for them. I know many have said negative things but keep in mind: It is more common for people to post negative than positive on the internet. I learned that a long time ago! So don't take my word for it, and don't take a negative review's word for it, try it for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!
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