Top Ten Favorite Bedtime Books (Mommy Mondays)

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When I was a child, my Grandmother would read to me every night before bed. By the time I was two (according to her of course) I was already reading. My daughter is turning four in a few weeks (October 29th) and last night for the first time, she was reading on her own! So I thought I'd post the top ten books that are favorites of ours at bed time! Each shows the cover, a link to it on Amazon and the current Hardback Cover price.

by Jon Scieszka

This book has awesome sarcasm mixed with not so fairy tale stories. We never get further than the middle of the book before Olivia is asleep, and there is plenty of things to make everyone laugh from "The Princess & The Bowling Ball" to "Little Red Running Shorts". My husband reminded me of this book a few months ago when we got it and it's now a staple on rotation!

by Rob Scotton
$3.99 (Paperback)

This series is awesome. There are several different books that she loves (there's more than one on this list!) and each is a great story that is easy to read and understand. This book has Splat not remembering how to sing, meow, or even hum! The best part is when you get your child involved in the singing parts! A must have, for sure!

by Crockett Johnson

Let's be honest if our child ever did what Harold does to fall asleep, we'd probably scream and yell and spend countless hours with soap and water trying to clean the walls. But the book is wonderful and sweet, and repetitive so your child falls asleep about the same time the purple crayon "dropped to the floor and Harold dropped off to sleep." A definite must have as well.

by Sam McBratney

Given to Olivia by her Nana, we've had this book for a couple of years now. I've read it so much I actually have almost all of the book memorized and it is a very sweet and endearing book. I used to love holding my toddler in my arms as I read it but now, sadly she is a preschooler. So she nestles in bed with all her "buddies" (stuffies) and I read it to her. Every story ends with her asleep and me kissing her forehead telling her I love her "to the Moon and back. The end."

by Nickelodeon Publishing
$3.99 (Kindle)

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea..." Yes, we've heard this theme song so much when I hear it I cringe. But, she adores the show, adores Spongebob, and we've begun reading about him all the time. Gary the Snail has "Mad Snail Disease" (supposedly) so here we get to see Bikini Bottom flip out. Olivia laughs at how everyone is acting and I've gotten good at voices. Fun to read!

by James Dean

This was in Olivia's Chik-Fil-A meal one time as a toy and came with a pair of blue paper sunglasses (lasted about three readings by the way). The book is great, and I love how it feels like I'm reading something out of the 70's. Again, something repetitive so not only is she learning the words by hearing them repeatedly but it puts her to sleep after a little bit. I'd just buy a pair of blue sunglasses to go with the story.

by Rob Scotton
$3.99 (Paperback)

Here we find Splat the Cat again! This time, he's at the fair enjoying games and rides with his friends. Olivia loves this one it talks about the Ferris Wheel and throwing coconuts which reminds her of Six Flags (another thing she likes to request constantly in our home). If you get one Splat book, I guarantee you you'll need to get at least 5 more. You'll get burnt out quickly on just one you'll end up reading them so often.

by P.D. Eastman

First book Olivia has read on her own! Well, a couple of pages but I am so proud of her. This book was a favorite of mine as a child so as soon as I could find a copy of this I nabbed it. I got it in a book with a collection of five stories so we got really lucky. Dr. Seuss will never go out of style nor get old, so always get these when you can!

by Diane Muldrow

We received a copy of this book in I believe a Citrus Lane box, and for the life of me I can't remember what happened to it. Olivia's "Uncle" Tyler sent her another copy and we read this thing all the time! Again, another book I think I have memorized if you try to get me to start it at the beginning, we love saying together "Not I, said the Pig" and so on. Only thing is, I say "Harvest" instead of "Reap" because at this point I want her to learn that word first before trying another but I'm just a picky reader.

And the number one book that always is loved until she falls asleep every time...

by Rob Scotton
$3.99 (Paperback)

Now look Splat, you have just taken over this list! Ah, it's okay the books are fantastic. In this, Splat was a very bad kitty (thanks Madagascar for the quote!) and broke his Mom and Dad's TV. So what does he do? He enters a cake baking competition to win another! We get to follow Splat in all his baking adventure and watch Seymour the mouse...get caught up in it. Olivia adores this book and is completely enthralled in every part! A must have in every home!

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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