See Kai Run Greta Mint Boots Review

Always a great gift opportunity from Santa's Seasonal Suggestions!!

See Kai Run is one of the leading children's shoe manufacturers, and I have been so lucky to get to review a few pairs of their shoes. In honor of the Winter Season, I was given a great opportunity to review a pair of Winter Boots, and here is the "Greta" Mint Colored Boot review.

(Image courtesy of See Kai Run)

The boot is made of suede, denim, and canvas and I love how they look and feel. The darker color though suede does cover dirt and markings on it, and the mint color is so adorable with the cute white snowflakes. The inside of the boots are fleece lined and my daughter pointed out they made her feet feel "nice and warm". When in the snow or out in the cold Texas weather this really helps me to know she won't feel the chill through her shoes unlike many shoes these days. The sole and heel of the shoe is a thick material, and the bottom is essentially a tennis shoe tread! So it will grip the ground and she won't slide around.

I'm kind of laughing at myself, because the boots when we first put them on we said they were too big around her calves. We did not realize that the tied bows on the front were actually drawstring! Which, again another great advantage with these boots. You can make them as tight as you need to to ensure your child doesn't get wet around the ankles and keep her feet dry. We love the way these boots look with skinny jeans and they also look great with wide legged. Even if you can't see the cute, mint snowflake design they still look great with the dark blue suede peeking out from the jeans. 

(Image courtesy of See Kai Run)

All in all I have to say that See Kai Run continues to put out fantastic shoes for children that they can grow with. My daughter is ready for Winter not only for comfort and style but for safety and durability. The price of the "Greta" boots are $50.00, and will last for a very long time.

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