Precious Moments "I Love You With My Whole Heart" Figurine Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful figurine to review for my honest opinion.

Did you know that Precious Moments is not only something incredible for family, but also for friends? I was given an amazing opportunity to look and review this beautiful ornament and I decided to give it to a friend and her family who truly deserve love and happiness this holiday season. So when I received the Have a Magical Holiday Season 2018 Ornament, I knew I had to show all of you, and then spread the Christmas cheer!

Isn't this an absolutely adorable ornament? Once again, I feel Precious Moments outdid themselves with the beautiful bright quality of the colors and details. From the red of her coat, to the silver buttons, and even you can see underneath she had on a beautiful little dress and they detailed that as well. Her shoes are cute and shiny, and look at the cute detailing around her hat! Also remember, each ornament comes with it's own special number, so you know that yours is not a replica you'll get your own unique one!

The back is just as beautiful, with her blonde hair flowing down and yet showing waves of curls or just body and movement. I love how the red around her hat truly does go all the way around with the same detialing, and her shoes show the heels. You don't find this kind of quality very often when you look for tree ornaments. This ornament is 3.5 inches high, and does have some weight to it, this isn't hollow or easily broken by squeezing. So you can trust your older children to put it on the tree and if it falls off, it won't break!

Look how precious she is next to our friend's cardinal and smaller tree made by my daughter's best friend. So beautiful and sweet, and this little lady matches the tree so well. I found that this ornament reflected our love and adoration for our friends letting them know just how we feel for them. They became our friends around February of this year, and yet we could not imagine them not being in our lives. Precious Moments has given us a beautiful opportunity to share love and joy and I am so grateful for that.

You can find your own "I Love You With My Whole Heart" figurine ornament here and currently they are going for $25.99. You have time still to get yours ordered for this year before Christmas, so hurry today!

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