Luca & Friends: The Fun Way To learn STEM and More!

If you have a child ages 4-8, you have probably already started wondering how to keep them immersed in learning, while knowing that these days it's all about apps and gaming. Luca & Friends is a new ground-breaking children’s app from GOFA INTERNATIONAL. This is a one of a kind learning app that connects your children to education, fitness, and healthier habits through AI technology! Whether your child goes to school then comes home, does K12 Public School, or is homeschooled, this is a fantastic opportunity for them to grow at their own pace!

All images courtesy of Luca & Friends.

So who are Luca and his friends? Well, Prince Luca has three fluffy friends: Pumkey, Digby, and Mighty Coca. Together, these awesome foursomes accompany your kids to the exciting worlds of learning. By getting up and moving in a meaningful way this can make up for the lack of genuine movement they get on an every day basis. 

Once you have calibrated your device with the software (as simple as standing in the middle of a square and following simple directions to ensure the progress bar runs and can keep up with your child) your child then simply stands in front of the device, moving around catching objects! It's fun, silly, but they are learning as they go! During school summers, this is a great way for a child in Texas to still exercise and have fun while the over 100 degree heat outside keeps them indoors!

A perfect example of how to keep your child having fun, while doing so indoors! There is no way I'd throw this many soccer balls at my daughter going "Here! Don't hit the glass!" Haha. So this way, your child is having fun, safely, and the best part, the parent dashboard!! That's right! When all the events are over, you can go onto the dashboard to check out the results! This provides a summary of progress, a game log, and overview of skills learned. I love that, I love that it'll tell me what we should work on rather than just going from lesson to lesson and hoping!

Teachers and Educators!! Also keep in mind, this could be amazing in your class room! Do you have Kindergarteners that are just so energetic, and it's raining outside so there is no recess that day? Get them bouncing to Luca and his friends! They can learn, be silly and laugh as they play games while you know they're getting to their highest potential! 

You can find these products in your app stores or you can go here to find out more information! Please note: At this time, the app is free, but it will be switching to a subscription model soon! So that means...GIVEAWAY!!!!

To enter to win a one year subscription of Luca & Friends, just go below and enter, that simple! The winner will be announced on April 15 on The Review Ballerina on Facebook  as well as the Giveaway Winner Page so make sure to have that page liked and keep an eye out! Winner will have until April 20, 2022 from announcement to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be picked! Good luck everyone!! 

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