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Wedding & Vow Renewal Guide:

To find a marriage that lasts longer than 5 years is hard these days. Especially when those Famous tend to not last longer than two to three. We've decided to renew our wedding vows in 2018 (ten years), and we decided due to this we wanted to create a "Wedding and Vow Renewal Guide"! Are you a company that creates wedding favors? What about dresses, decorations, invitations, and more? We are looking for companies to add to the guide to help Bride-to-Be's, Vow Renewal Maidens, and more!

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- Busy Mom's Bakery: Incredible cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, cake pops, and more that are delicious and beautifully done for your special day.

 - More Than Lace: Stunning and beautiful home decor, wedding accessories and decorations and gifts for many. Beautifully created and hand decorated.

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